Appel (en)

Appel ©2014 40×40 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared

« I focus on the energy of your painting… your first painting…

The first energy that I feel is that of the two characters, it carries hope, a renewed hope, a renewal. The transition from potential to action, from the inner garden in the shade to light, to external expression. It is an act of transition, the commencement, the beginning, the first step, the setting in motion towards realization. A first energy to something else is launched. A immensity opens up. It involves rediscovering the hope of the heart, overcoming a normalized life, perhaps undercut, to go towards freedom.

I close my eyes…

Messages and functions

One of the messages is to express the repressed potential, its full potential, to stop cultivating one’s secret garden for oneself, to open up to others, to meet the world, to leave reserve, to leave one’s shell.

It also means taking action, starting something else, a new project, taking a first step with faith. There is also relief to pass a milestone, tensions fall, the heart opens towards the future, hope reborns, without any effort: an act has been done, a first step is taken and the change comes, anchors itself.

This painting also suggests that you don’t have to wait until you know exactly where you’re going to start something. The first step, the wind of freshness, freedom, feeling proud, feeling good, responding to a call is essential. Agree not to know where it will lead you, thus allowing openness. It means welcoming, allowing the new to enter our life. Consider the transformation in a gentle, fluid and progressive manner, without pressure.

Ideal for people who wish to prepare for change, want to introduce something new into their lives, but feel a certain amount of fear; this painting will reassure and support them peacefully. Things will be set in place and naturally revealed with harmony.

Another message, more hidden, is that we easily focus on the outcome but the most important thing is the first thing done, although rarely the most brilliant, the most successful, the most visible. We seek the extraordinary, the accomplished, while it is the moment of transformation, the impulse, the first step that carries the essential and often we refuse to consider it. We must be proud and show the small things from the beginning as well as the big ones that come next, to present only the result is to lie to others and to ourselves.


The energy is soft, it’s the first step, the intensity will come after. Perfect for a first painting. It is the most important but it will surely be the least considered, the most elusive in its energy. It shows the inner work done to move from shadow to light. But unconsciously, we turn away from this stage, because it implies accepting to pass through the shadow parts, turning inward, being fully attentive to the inner call… ».

Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?


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