Equilibre (en)

Équilibre ©2014 30×65 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared

« I focus on the energy of your painting…

Lampposts : the world of spirits in matter, the interconnection of the mind of nature in man-made matter-object. In fact, I have messages more than sensations.

This is the harmonious balance between technicality and inspiration. This encourages us to find a balance within and outside ourselves between the forces of thought and the inspiring forces of nature. People tend to choose either one or the other, or we think we are reasonable and rational or inspired transcendentally, but the ideal is the balance, the interaction. This is real magic ! An inspired, harmonious form of technology !

Unite the Cartesian spirit and the intuitive spirit in yourself, let these two worlds interpenetrate. The bridge divides two distinct zones, it is a link, the fusion, both technical and natural.

I close my eyes…

It’s strange, your painting has a direct effect on the brain, it acts on the corpus callosum that interconnects the two hemispheres… It allows to harmonize, to rebalance the functions of the two hemispheres; it helps to a better synergy between the two.

Messages and functions

Often one of the two sides, intuitive or Cartesian, is presented to us as better, as if there were a choice to be made; in fact there is interaction between, and ideally, naturally, they should develop harmoniously, without any preponderance.

This painting helps, strengthens and rebalances the link between inspiration and concretisation. In fact, on the right-hand side of the picture, everything is possible, it’s open, and on the left you can see where you are going, on a very real, concrete riverbank. To use the painting, you just have to watch the bridge and to do it regularly, the action is very soft; a painting to place in an office, as a wallpaper for example, for about three weeks… Very good also for children, for a harmonious, balanced development. Moreover, the symbiosis of technology and nature’s spirit is comforting, full of hope.


This painting develops our horizontality in the world. People in search of « strong sensations », verticality will not stop on it, but those in search of harmony in the concretization of their life will be sensitive to it… »

Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?


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