Flammèches (en)

Flammèches ©2015 60×81 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared

« I focus on the energy of the painting… What attracts me first is the landscape and as often on your paintings I feel drawn forward…

The journey:

I am in a valley, a hidden place, a haven of peace, a shelter, pure, with a harmonious nature… It’s strange because there is not the slightest factor of imbalance… We are in another dimension, another vibration, unreal, imaginary in the sense that such harmony does not exist in the material world. In matter, there are always factors of imbalances: we need strong stimuli to make things move… Now, I focus on the energy of the characters: it is very similar to that of lutins, an energy of play, joy, spontaneity, discovery, pure; an energy of life. All this in a very static world!

Messages, functions:

The painting shows us a very stable, very balanced place, where the man would get bored very quickly, but the characters have spontaneity in them, they don’t need to be stimulated by the outside! They are in the energy of life! This reminds us, humans over-stimulated by our environment and often in reaction to the outside world, that our essence is in us!

The main function of the painting is to connect to the characters: they are pure flames of life. They give joy, hope, the desire to discover, break boredom and routine! To find joy, spontaneity, to do things without reason, to play, without restrictions! Ideal for people who are depressed, those who take on too much responsibility, those who lose their taste for life, and those who are going through difficult times.

These characters have a lot of compassion and kindness: they adapt to the energy of the one who connects, slow down theirs if necessary, take the time, support, surround, and, when they feel the person is comforted, they increase their energy to bring forth joy, a wave of well-being and freshness. They reboost the pulse, the vibration of life. It’s progressive: getting back on track requires a regular return to the board…

The characters remind us that joy, life, must be dissociated from living conditions. We don’t need to wait until external conditions are met, until the world has changed around us, to be happy! We can be happy in the energy of life independently from the outside, and it is up to us to radiate this energy, now, immediately, without fear of judgments, seriousness, conventions!

This painting is a vibratory bridge that allows the connection of these beings with humans who wish it; they are holders of the flame of Life and for them, it is essential to maintain this flame that all beings of the world possess in them! And it is the fact of becoming aware of this flame in, of feeling it, that gives meaning to your life; bringing your unique vibration to the Life!


If you wish, ask a character to come with you freely for a time in our world to feed the flame in you!  »

Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?


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