Funambule (en)

Funambule ©2016 46×38 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared

« I focus on the energy of your painting…

Water is a reference to our inner world, emotional, with no definite form, diluted in all directions, without anything to grasp ! It is also the immensity of thoughts, emotions, people’s concerns, of humanity as a whole, in which we are constantly immersed and which makes difficult to reach a height.

The pillar is an access road, a tool, to gain height. Its construction is elaborated because it is a building that everyone has to build for himself.

The « ribbon » or flag is a signal that attracts, it is the opening, we can then observe with serenity. It helps to let go.

The bridge is there to show that this refocusing, this elevation, is not a escape, but stimulates intelligence for action: because everything is clear, unobstructed, in sight. We remain connected and close to matter, and we know how to act, what direction to take to lead our lives. It pushes to commit.

The sky is black on its upper part, it’s the celestial vault. The point of view is thus halfway between matter and space. Ideal place for a human being: a state of balance in its axis and at the right height.

I close my eyes…

Messages and functions

I’m straightening up. The pillar is there to find your axis, to have a horizontality at a higher level. An earth-sky axis is active. Then an opening, a horizontal plane, is established at the heart level, heart as a centre of equilibrium of the realization in the matter. I feel in perfect balance; ready to do the right thing; in harmony with what I have to be or do or experience in my life. I feel the energy that descends from the sky and becomes dense, anchored in the earth. There is no doubt about the direction to take, the inspiration is there, right.

This painting has an emotionally, psychologically, mentally and physically balanced function. It thus gives the right direction in which to go, in the form of a feeling rather than a precise mental image.

It opens the consciousness, helps to get out of the daily flow, without any idea of escape, to see far in all directions and contemplate the action with serenity.

The ideal is to stay a few minutes in front of the painting. We come back balanced, serene on the direction to take, and ready for a just action. Then, once you are familiar with the energy of the painting, evoking its image on a single breath is enough to re-focus.


Funambule: the balance of the heart is a delicate, subtle balance… Our axis is often difficult to maintain, too much brought back in matter or too much taken up in spirituality; we often find ourselves either in one or the other, but the ideal is the balance: real, concrete actions, right in their inspiration.


Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?


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