Jardin Intérieur (en)

Jardin Intérieur ©2014 73×54 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared

« The connection is more difficult because there is not unity of energy: the trees, the globe, the low wall, the bench, the leaves vibrate at different levels. It’s a like a labyrinth: how to find your way among the different solicitations, how to keep the cap ! And the ball, the sphere in the foreground, is a tool: a compass and a map. It is used to find the way, to keep the direction through obstacles, meanders and external solicitations: everything that can cause us to deviate from our way. That’s why I couldn’t find unity; we want to follow a path but our attention can be attracted, captured by other things and thus distract us from our deep purpose.

Now I imagine I take the sphere in my hands (this object symbolizes the fact that I am fully aware of my direction, the importance of knowing where we are going); it is voluminous: so difficult to forget it! I take the object, I move forward, I know where I’m going, without worrying about what’s around and I pass the low wall door…

The journey:

I find myself in an area, a space without the slightest solicitation. Just a plain color everywhere and the wall behind me. This is the creative space ! Neutral. It is a space where you can visualize, place what you want knowingly, create what you want to see in your life. It is a privileged space to create without any difficulties…

I try… I visualize what I want and also an atmosphere and some feelings. The result vibrates densely, almost at the level of matter; moreover I am not in a state of modified consciousness. Now I come out of the creative space, recross the destructuring side of the painting and then I go back to it : my projects are always there, as fixed; I find them easily. They will be fed, watered to grow, and denser. It’s like a playground, a lego side, a video game where you can create at will. I can « seed » different projects, intentions and ask that they all unite, harmonize, to form a coherent whole…

Before coming out, I turn around and look at everything I have created; I check if it is what I really want at the heart leve and I give the right vibration, the emotions, which will help growth and creation.

I thank and go out with the sphere and replace it ready to use on the pillar! I know I can go back to see how things are going, add something, fix it… A real garden in fact !

Main functions: create – refocus

It is an access to a very dense creative space with the idea of practicing a technique, a procedure, to use a tool to go and come back to it; not just to be in the inspiration of the present moment and its solicitations…

Another function of the painting is to avoid asking yourself too many questions, to overcome demands and confusion. The idea is then to take the object and join the space of creation to be clear, as if to cleanse oneself of all parasitic thoughts, to refocus, to recenter.  »

Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?


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