Spirales (en)

Spirales ©2017 81×60 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared

« I focus on the energy of your painting…

The first energy that attracts me is the energy of the background, the horizon. I feel relaxed and soothed with an extension of consciousness but remaining firmly anchored in matter… What comes to me is the patience to see things germinate, a form of letting go; to plant seeds, to watch them grow serenely, detaching from the result. More precisely, it is to find, to feel the right moment when it is necessary to detach yourself, to stop paying attention, so that it progresses more quickly… and to allow also to free your mind and to move on to something else.

In the foreground, spirals are concentrated and structured energy, that which we put in the accomplishment of a project; An energy of concentration, focus, organization to give birth to something: a project, a desire, a thing to obtain…


The process of expressing a desire or project: concentrating and letting life play with its perfection. Cooperation and liberation.

To put in place the conditions so that things can grow and then feel when it is necessary to move on to the second phase, letting go; to identify when our work, our intervention, our share is finished, then to let go so that things continue to grow in perfection, to liberate the project so that it can blossom as well as possible.

The ultramarine blue stripe is the field of all possibilities; the person who would remain trapped in the organization, structuring the energy, would set too many limits to his project, would reduce it. Cooperation between mind and letting go is necessary. Similarly, someone too much in faith, too much in the emergence, who would not beforehand pose a clear intention, a focus of energy, would not fully achieve a result.

The stems are the different routes that can take a project, some end, others not; with a letting go, all the potential is expressed, and the right direction, in the sense of the most appropriate direction, that which corresponds to us intimately, appears and unfolds; the « thin path ».

Activation :

When you have a desire, a project, on which you are actively working or on the contrary, that you don’t see how to realize, you start by looking at the painting in the middle, at the bottom between the two spirals. The sight is fixed on the bottom third of the painting. Let the energy of concentration, that of the two spiral bands, activate itself; it is the phase of anchoring in matter, in the concrete, we clearly state the intention that our desire is made concrete, without forcing anything on the ways of realisation, staying open. (Example: regaining full health and dynamism, to make the best possible use of it)

When you feel a densification, a condensation of energy in your body, you raise your gaze and dive to the level of the horizon. You close your eyes and let yourself be taken away. The spirit then extends to the whole surface of the earth, and the intention goes in all directions on a horizontal plane. To leave, then to spread your desire and no longer take care of it. Then return in front of the painting. “

Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?


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