Embarqué ! (en)

Embarqué ! ©2016 40×40 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared about Embarqué !

« Here, what attracts me first is the horizon; the sun and the sea; and once the connection is established, I close my eyes. Then, there are images that come to me -for other people it could be sounds, words, physical sensations, feelings, it depends on one’s perceptions… –

First I focus on the « landscape », the place, what is it, where it is, what it reminds me, it’s the « travel »side of the painting…

The journey : 

Surprise, it’s not water, the blue is something solid (rock, hill),… the sea was my terrestrial reference… I have the impression to be on another planet, in some kind of touristic travel ! Iit’s a telluric planet not very distant – by its nature – from ours: it has an atmosphere, elements, water, earth, vegetation,…

There is a great unity on this planet, a homogeneity of culture, and harmony between the planet and its population, an innate sense of ecology. This planet is a good example of what the earth could be, if we developp a responsible relationship with the planet, with nature, and if each one works for the common good in search of balance, harmony… For the inhabitants of this planet, it is natural, innate… it is the great difference with Earth. Although they are technologically as advanced as we are, they have maintained an instinct for regulation, self-regulation and harmonious links with their planet.

They have no interest in conquest, there is nothing belligerent about it, balance and harmony is always at the centre of their way of being. For example, they also have sports and competitions, but in order to compete against each other to progress ; in the end everyone is happy, everyone has learned, everyone has progressed, has given the best, feels good… the state of mind is really different !

The object in front of the painting is placed on an artificial structure, created by the population, it is also built by them… An object maybe to rock childrens, swinging… It is representative, symbolic of this civilization, it is studied to have and keep a balance, subtle, like the « wobbly stones » in our countries. It is simple, without high technology and it produces a slow, soothing swing… very « Zen »object… Very simple but surprisingly simple, we tilt it a little, without the slightest effort, and it’s off to a subtle, light swing…

The messages in the painting : 

For those who believe that harmonious life on earth is impossible, that human nature would push us to unbalance, to instability: here is presented a civilization analogous to ours, which has found a balance, a serenity in its development. It’s possible!

Functions :

For those who have lost faith in humanity, those who sometimes despair of humankind, those who try to change things, those who invest in more harmony, but who sometimes exhaust themselves orhave the impression that what they are doing is useless, this painting allows them to recharge their batteries because it allows them to rest on a place, on the energy of a civilization almost identical to ours, except they are in harmony with their planet… So it gives new hope!

Emotions, feelings, sensations :

Hope ! Belief in beauty, belief in life, belief in harmony in the matter !

This painting can also be used simply to relax in case of fatigue, depression; it induces relaxation, relaxation in the matter (with no altered state of consciousness, no feeling of leaving, no gliding)

One remark:

This painting can make some people uncomfortable because the energy of this earthly planet is very close to ours; it could in a certain sense contradict ours; it can be difficult to pass from one vibration to the other because they are on the same plane of density.

To feel good, take your time, look at the whole picture, then the horizon and accept to receive the energy that comes… And there, this painting balances, it revatelise in harmony and hope…

Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?


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