Maintenant ! (en)

Maintenant ! ©2018 65×81 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared

« I focus on the energy of your painting…

First, what comes to me is to put into shape in the matter, in the society a balanced, high, harmonious and incarnate, concrete, living lifestyle. It is the incarnation of spirit, of spirituality in the society. The spirit and our inspirations descend and incarnate in the matter…

I feel a very powerful energy of grounding and action, a strong desire to act to concretize something that we cherish, to incarnate, to realize in the World our ideal.

At the top, inspiration penetrates the mind and then descends to be realized in matter. The energy is powerful, unwavering, no obstacle can hold! It is the construction, the realization of a high ideal with strength, power but in conscience in all goodness and with great gentleness! The coloured background represents the openness, the sky offers itself to us and our deep aspirations awaken…

Main functions: Revitalization. Remove doubts and uncertainties. Giving life to dreams. Acting and materializing ideals right now.

The energy of this painting is an energy of action, of unwavering support to realize concretely our ideals, as long as they are high. It allows us to feel that we are not alone, that a community, a force, a power, is there to support us. Action in cooperation, in alliance with this energy, gives us the strength to carry on and to respond, erases doubts and removes hesitations.

It’s time to stop hiding. The time has come to express our concepts, our ideals, without shame, without fear and to embody them everyday.
This painting also helps to find inspiration, it clarifies the mind and will put you in touch with people ready to cooperate, to co-execute with you.


Contemplating the picture every time you lose confidence, that your ideals seem to vanish, fog up, or that you feel discouraged after a discussion, a lack of support, a lack of motivation, obstacles that seem insurmountable…

Remark: A very opportune picture because many of us currently feel a need for change, would like to embody an ideal, or doubt the future of our societies, and are tempted to propose something else but hesitate, held back by fear, habits, surroundings… This painting is without compromise, one that you have the inspiration, you are supported: incarnate it, right now! »

Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?

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