Onde (en)

Onde ©2017 38×46 cm

Here’s what Nicolas shared

« I focus on the energy of yout painting…

The first thing that attracts me is the background, I am aspired in the purple space with an impression of immensity…

Presences in the foreground are travellers, explorers ; they travel through spaces and dimensions. Waves are their tool to travel : they choose a frequency and let themselves be carried like in a sea current. J.B, they are your guides who accompany you, protect you and point out different things through your paintings, as a guiding thread, and there they remind themselves to you, support you, encourage you… They are guides-explorers for whom wisdom is intimately linked to knowledge; they are very wise and their « civilization » is almost as old as the universe ; they explore time, space or dimension without any limit.

I close my eyes…

The journey, the messages : Accept, take your place!

I feel drawn into space, I float in the void with stars that shine here and there far away. I am aware of being part of a whole where each star has a different vibration, just as each living being has its own vibration, its own light. Harmony comes from this diversity! If everything were to vibrate equally, there would be rigidity and disharmony. It’s a picture about acceptance! Accepting to be one of billions of other stars, but that this apparent insignificance is illusory; if we were not there, the balance would be broken! I feel at home, I become aware of my place, I participate in the balance and the creation of the world, through what I radiate. I participate in the changes of the world.

This painting is very subtle, it shows us the fine balance that exists between an individual and the community… Nobody is useless! Immersed in the painting, in this space among billions of stars, we feel completely accepted in our own vibration and we then fully accept to incarnate it when we return here in the world. The energy flows into us and it becomes more and more dense and crystallizes, which will allow us to take action, anchor to matter and participate fully in the world because we all have our own unique light to radiate.

On the energy level, this painting allows to regenerate us very quickly. We are immersed in a great calm, a total peace, without fear, alone. Physically, the energy then flows into the body, it becomes more and more dense; and when the « right » density is reached, we are ejected from the painting…

Perfect for the ethereal people, absent or in the moon, who have difficulty to take action, to be in the concrete, they return densified, balanced, their anchoring is then favored. They have clearer, crystallized ideas.

Ideal for people who feel powerless, or those who feel oppressed, constrained, dominated. They come back from the painting ready to participate fully in the world, conscious that they have their own vibration to radiate, and that no one can radiate it, express it better than they, and that there is in fact no higher authority…

« Connect » in, you will be ready to take on your vibration, to be proud of it, to materialize it to participate in the balance of the universe and accomplish your mission, to radiate your light proudly, do not hide it! Right now, take your place! »

Thank you Nicolas,

Now, what about you : any feelings to share ?


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